F!$& FB memories…

Most of the time I love my FB and the memories that it reminds me of. Often times it’s my kids or something related to my kids. A birthday party or first day of school; recital, hockey, soccer, Lacrosse.. I keep my FB family oriented, I try to remain politically quiet, I rarely post to or about my husband. I never air our dirty laundry.

Today,  I got this reminder, from June 2014.

Another typical day here at the —–‘s home! Our agenda for today?
~Brunch, (fruit salad isn’t made yet) to celebrate you and your dad today.
~Celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad.
~A couple of trips into Portland getting Jacob to go to/from work
~Two hockey games for Maddie
~WHS Lacrosse banquet, (6 lbs of wings to make still…)
~Hannah has something… A sleepover I think…
~a few unanticipated things that always creep up…

And that’s only until 5!

But as typical this day is for us, I hope you know how extraordinary I think you are, and how lucky I am to share this crazy journey thru parenting with you!

Happy Fathers Day! I love you xo ~rac

As I sit back now, that’s what I miss, how extra-ordinary I felt him to be, enough so for me to publicly state it. And how lucky I was to have him.

He was at least 6 months into a sexual affair, and years into a secret relationship with OW.. and I still didn’t know.

It makes me want to puke. I don’t know how I will ever feel that way again