After by post yesterday… I had some time driving to get here or there, most of it alone. Anyways it was an interesting list I created in my shazam app. (If you love music you should get this app and it’s free!)

sometimes I listen to music just for the beat. Sometimes the lyrics or melody. Yesterday all 3 seemed to appeal to me.

These songs are now on my play list…

Andy Grammar “Honey, I’m Good”

Rixton “Me and My Broken Heart

James Bay “Hold Back the River”

Alanis Morissette “Precious Illusions

Neon Trees “Everybody Talks”

Rob Thomas “This is How a Heart Breaks

NEEDTOBREATHE Featuring Gavin DeGraw “Brother”

The Script “No Good in Goodbye

Oh Honey “Be Okay

This song… I want to feel this all the time!

Shinedown “Unity

Alternate Routes “Nothing More

So now I realize how much time I spent running around yesterday,listening to music. And I’ve done it again posting it here… And there’s more, but I have to do something productive!

These songs brought many tears and I abandoned the makeup I had reapplied. I was late getting to my sons’ LAX game, but I made the second half (with sunglasses on!) They played a great game and won! My son narrowly missed getting seriously checked and didn’t even know until a teammate told him. It was scary from the bleachers! Pretty sure they are second in their class and division! Not to bad.. On to playoffs!

If you take the time to go thru listen to the songs and hear the lyrics I’d love to know what it makes you feel!


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. I just heard this last song the other day, I listened to it alone bc I just need to make myself hear these sometimes but when we’re together I shut them off bc I know how they make me feel since the ONS occurred after going out to a bar together. I like your music list though 🙂

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