This is such a beautiful bittersweet post. ❤️

Resonates with me … Feeling “nothing”


What does it represent? Like us, it can be both good and bad.

Cape Town Ablaze March 2015 Cape Town Ablaze March 2015

Utter devastation Utter devastation

A few weeks ago a friend posted pictures of the bush fires around Cape Town on Facebook. It looked terrifying to see the whole mountain alight and people’s homes disappearing in a maelstrom of fire. Then this morning, she posted another picture of a flower called the fire lily. This got me thinking quite philosophically about fire.

fire lilies 2015

The indigenous vegetation around Cape Town needs to burn every 15 to 20 years to stimulate new growth and remain healthy. Afterwards, a number of plants such as the fire lily will flower only 2 weeks after a fire. Otherwise, the bulb lies dormant under the ground for years on end as it needs the fire to wake it up.

Tom set fire to our marriage. Initially it was just a little pile…

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