To all the broken wives out there…

Know this betrayed spouse?


Dear wife,

Dear lovely, beautiful, caring, faithful, dutiful, and amazing wife…someone understands your pain and anguish, and someone understands your need for revenge or vengeance. Someone understands your grief, and that it doesn’t take a mere few weeks to let this go or to let the pain fade. Someone understands that your paranoia is going to haunt you for months, even years. Someone understands that your mis-trust of your husband doesn’t come from a place of wanting to mistrust him, but because you simply have learned that you can’t.

I am that someone.  I am one of a select few who do, or I am one of the ones who will publicly say, “I understand”! And even I am saying that under the guise of anonymity. Even I am a coward, and with good reason. Because society is not ready to deal with the level of guilt they would feel…

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