There. That’s what the fucking bitch that fucked my husband, formerly referred to as affair partner, other woman or LKL shall be called. She is here on out Mouse.

That feels good. Weird, I know. But I’ve truly struggled to come up with a name for her. Something that was more personal for me. I’ve read many blogs and can relate to what you refer you cheating spouse’s “other woman.”

Bitch is too generic. Hell, I’m a bitch sometimes. Whore, well as far as I know, my husband never paid her. So that doesn’t fit.. Her initials, as I’ve until now called her ‘LKL,’ feel too respectful. And I don’t have any respect for anyone that will fuck someone else’s spouse. Cheaters suck. Even referring to Mouse as ‘her‘ feels kind. I don’t want my feelings for her to be misunderstood or misrepresented. I feel nothing for her. Good or bad. I just wish she didn’t exist….


10 thoughts on “Mouse

  1. Good job, Rac. Mine is The Taco, or as I refer to her when speaking about her with my husband, Mexicunt. I thought I’d made that one up, but then I googled it – it’s all over the place. Well, it works, and it tells him just exactly what I think of her. I’m not racist, but for me those two names make clear my disdain (read: hate) for her. Total coward, too, so Yellow would be good, but it’s not mean enough.

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  2. I change the name of my husband’s other woman all the time. At the beginning I called her the smoking, hoarding, alcoholic whore that thinks my husband is in love with her, or something like that, which was really long. I have also called her the clown monster, and the stalker bitch, and… unfortunately, I still talk about her. Probably wouldn’t if she wasn’t a horrifying stalker. I now call her the 500 lb. opossum, which is kind of an inside joke with my husband. I just said it TWICE at dinner tonight when our little aussie started barking and wanted to go outside. I said, “hmmm, I bet he smells a 500 lb. opossum nearby.” And then again when my husband said he was scared to go up and down these public stairs that are next to our house. I said, “why, are you afraid a 500 lb. opossum will jump out at you.” He said, “no, because they are wet and slippery.” And I said, “ha, I hear she is too… ” Ouch, I am in a bad mood! 🙂 I am not proud of the name calling, but this is the only place I can really do it and get away with it. Sometimes it feels good. There is actually nothing I would ever be able to do to her, legally, that compares to what she has done to me. I do want her to just disappear, but I don’t want anyone to go to prison for it. Hang in there Rac! ❤

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  3. I’m not big on name calling, but if that’s all I stoop to in this mess that my husband and mouse made, I’m good. I have no desire to prison either… Xo


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