I hope to be able to reflect like this in a year…

Once Whole...

I have been doing so much thinking the past few days. Not sure why. Not sure what is causing me to be so inside my head. I love to dissect and analyze thoughts, life, emotions, etc. I like to think, and overthink everything. (as you’ve probably already figured out.)

Part of me thinks that I’m nearing the end of the healing process and for that reason I’m feeling a little melancholy. It’s weird to think that more than a full year of wallowing in sadness and self pity… seeking out every blog that mirrored my life, and lately finding reality TV shows that have some facet of infidelity marring them… can become somewhat of “an old friend”. But I think this is true for me.

I remember in the beginning feeling like I was deep, deep in a dark well. I was so far below ground I didn’t know if…

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