As I walked on this Fall day.

This cold fall day

I feel the cool chill me, as the air rushes around, stirring new theories of what the truth is. It numbs my hands, that are trying to hold on. The stray raindrops mix with fresh tears.

The grey soothes me, like an old worn sweater. An old friend. It knows me well and respects our boundaries. It moves closer now, and offers me its comfort. It’s logical and simple. Easy even.

I’m uneasy that it looms so close and that I find comfort in it. I know it so well. Its dominance can be overwhelming. It knows the way out. It tries to help me.

The grey promises an end to the lies, deception, omissions, denial; to end the emotional assaulT. The turmoil. The ruminating thoughts that invade my dreams, and haunt my wakeful mind. And no more tears.

It offers nothing else. It is strong and comfortable, but I still feel this cool fall day. And the grey looms with me.


One thought on “As I walked on this Fall day.

  1. So expressive, I can taste and feel the tears too. I remember spending much of last fall outside thdough the cold days and rainy nights, crying as the rain fell upon my face, it was so soothing to my soul, cleansing it I guess. Beautiful post.

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